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Tenancy Cleaning London

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Tenancy Cleaning London


We have formulated a special and exclusive Tenancy cleaning service to provide exceptional results. In this service will carry out the cleaning job to a high precision using latest and highest quality materials. Chrome and lacquered surfaces as well as tiles will me polished shiny. Every corner of the property will be wiped, hovered or cleaned.

This service is suitable for Landlords, Homeowners, Property managers and estate agents. This is a service to ensure the property is brought up to high cleaning standard before moving in or selling a property.

The service normally includes three to five cleaners, using high quality tools and all equipment necessary including ladders, vacuum cleaners, buckets, etc. This type of a cleaning service is a lengthy procedure and using many cleaners and quality cleaning materials helps us complete all works within a day. On average the service may take anything between 12 to 60 working hours, depending on property size.

We provide individual estimates depending on amount of work. Please contact us using our Online Booking Form to request a call-back or call 077 130 97 451.

Alternatively we offer a one-off-value service.

Prices for One-Off-Value Service:

£11.00/h per cleaner or £13.00 Inc. materials

NO additional fees! NO hidden charges!

Sample prices for most common visits per cleaner:                                                                   Other Services:

  • 3 Hours = £33.00  / £39.00                                                      Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • 4 Hours = £44.00  / £52.00                                                       Local Domestic Cleaners
  • 5 Hours = £55.00 / £65.00                                                          Contract Cleaning
  • 6 Hours = £66.00 / £78.00                                                     Office Cleaning

Our cleaners are always happy to bring materials with them. In order to avoid big charges based on expenses of transport, our cleaners will bring with them basic equipment (sponges, scrubbers, cloths, sprays, etc.) but will not have large items like: mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner or ladders. For full service including all equipment and several cleaners please enquire at 07713097451 or E-mail.

To contact London City Cleaners Everest Clean use our Online Booking Formto request a call-back. Another way would be to contact us via Tel: 077 130 97 451.

One-Off Value Cleaning Service

·         Everest Clean works with professional cleaners

·         We offer guaranteed services, please enquire.

·         All cleaners are experienced, punctual and reliable.

·         We use high quality materials to ensure best result.

·         Our customers receive up to 20% discount on other services.

·         Our referral scheme gives you £40 bonus on cleaning

·         The cleaners are friendly and communicative

·         We do not charge administration fees

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To book our London cleaning services, please feel free to call us on 077 130 97 451.

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Tenancy Cleaning - Tenancy Cleaners - Everest Clean - City Cleaners. Punctual and experienced cleaners from only £11.00/h

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